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What is WalkMe™?

Did you know that 50-80% of users forget what they've learned after just one day and 97-98% after a month?

WalkMe eliminates 100% of the inefficiencies associated with end-user training by leveraging a step-by-step guided learning experience that does not require the need for traditional documentation and repetitive classroom training.

The most popular WalkMe features include:

  • Real-time guided Walk-Thrus™
  • Placement of custom buttons and actions
  • Onboarding new users and completing tasks

Software Anywhere is a WalkMe Platinum Partner, implementing solutions for business platforms, like Salesforce and any externally-facing website, including customer portals and communities.

Revolution Tip #1: Eliminate the need for traditional documentation and inefficient training methodologies.

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What is WalkMe for Salesforce?

Salesforce users have always struggled with the adoption of complex business processes and the ease by which Salesforce admins can rapidly deploy new changes.

Add to this, the Salesforce Winter ‘16 release introduces users to the new Lightning experience, which will require retraining the vast majority of existing users.

With WalkMe for Salesforce, your organization will:

  • Significantly reduce user training costs
  • Accelerate onboarding of new employees or contractors
  • See an immediate improvement in data quality
  • Help users navigate complex business processes

Revolution Tip #2: Inspire users to take ownership of their business processes and drive revenue.

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WalkMe Analytics

Track the use of individual features, user activities and onboarding goals in real-time.

What is Software Anywhere?

Although Salesforce is the most popular cloud-based CRM and business platform in the market, the need to customize the application and create custom solutions to address common business problems has always been a challenge.

The Software Anywhere team has been architecting and developing commercial apps and custom solutions on the Salesforce Platform for over 12 years.

The Software Anywhere application suite will allow your organization to:

  • Enhance native Salesforce functionality by filling the gaps
  • Significantly increase user adoption by reducing application complexity
  • Deploy any application in less than 60 minutes to realize an immediate increase in user productivity

Revolution Tip #3: Achieve 100% user adoption and measure the success of your revolution.

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Supported WalkMe for Salesforce Interfaces

Salesforce Classic

The vast majority of Salesforce users will continue to rely on the classic user interface on a day-to-day basis.

Lightning Experience

Introduced in Winter ‘16, Salesforce has begun the transition to a more modern and responsive interface.

Communities & Custom Pages

WalkMe supports the use of their application inside Salesforce Communities and custom Visualforce pages.

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